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Meet The Characters!


Meet Ki

A little girl with a big imagination, Ki is inquisitive, Kind, and she loves to read. Ki has a funny giggle that makes people happy when they hear it.


Meet Ko

Ko is always at the center of what’s happening. He’s inquisitive about everything – and that sometimes gets him into trouble. Ko can be impatient, stubborn and messy. So it’s just as well he has some very good friends.


Meet Mi

Mi loves nature, music, and listening to Ki read her stories. Mi is still learning how to fly. She talks in bird language, but the children always understand what she is saying. Mi is the baby of the group.


Meet Mo

Mo is an alien that loves food, technology and physical activity. He’s clumsy, shy, and the way he moves is funny. Mo has beautiful manners, and loves playing with Ko. No one’s quite sure where Mo came from.