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About Us

SAM ECONOMIC COMPANY LTD. was established in 1967, takes pride in being a Saudi company with its headquarters nestled in the Capital Riyadh, with a strong and efficient nation-wide network of branches. In the past years of operations, the company has developed excellent business and financial credibility and standing both within Saudi Arabia and abroad.

ISAM ECONOMIC COMPANY has engaged in raising awareness in all matters that deeply influence all Partners with different slogans for each Division, to name a few of our slogans:

“Partnership for Success”

“We Care”

At KiKO Studio, our slogan is

“Being Objective”

The four pillars at KiKO Studio which differentiates us are: Intelligence, Organization , Enthusiasm and Experience.

We at KiKO Studio works on our believe which is commitment toward community by entertain, educate & increase awareness.

And since the first element in any community is child , we start Our firstfruit Production address to child 2-4 years “ Toddlers” and we name it KiKO&MiMO.

The Toddlers can be very active and interested in the world around them. They wants to explore the world around them and in KiKO&MiMO series we are hand in hand with them so the child will develop at a pacw that is right for his/her.